Here's what clients are saying about Tyler:

"Tyler's ability to speak about his  insatiable curiosity with life and how this search has led to the sharing of basic human goodness towards one another is the encouragement we all need in our lives. There could not be a more timely message for students, parents, staff, and administrators." 

Jamie Moesel, Superintendent, South Jefferson Central School (Retired).

"Tyler is an effective communicator. He is passionate about all people, brutally honest, wildly creative, and engaging. 

Tyler is a role model for all people young or old, and based on my experiences with a group of students I was never able to connect with- he can connect with anyone. He is bound to leave a positive impact on the youth at your school."

Sarah Majo, Art Teacher, BOCES ACES program. (Program for troubled youth)

"In January of 2018, our students and faculty desperately needed a refreshing of their motivation to learn, be kind,and connect to our school's STEAM-based approach to education. I approached Tyler with the challenge. Students and staff found his performance to be engaging, hands-on, funny, and real
He brought a valuable dimension to our whole school community, illustrating the need for STEAM, arts, being oneself, and being compassionate! As an educator in both formal and informal settings, Tyler was able to contribute his expertise by developing a variety of curricular activities for our diverse learning environments."

Brooke Welsh, STEAM Coordinator, Pentucket Regional School District

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