Over the past 10 years Tyler Kellogg has traveled the United States sharing powerful experiences with over 175 groups. Tyler consistently evokes a deep sense of purpose, joy, and potential in audience members, both young and old alike. Touching on creativity, embracing our hardships, developing empathy, and spreading compassion; Tyler inspires personal transformation from everyone.

Tyler's story starts months after becoming the youngest finisher of the 140.6 mile Ironman USA just after his high school graduation in 2007. While on a training ride, someone purposefully hit Tyler with a truck. This experience changed him drastically.  After spending over 1.5 years spiraling into depression, Tyler decided to begin the healing process by using this lone act of violence as inspiration to create over 100 acts of kindness for strangers. 

Over the summer of 2009, "Tyler DoGood" was born, and 175 acts of kindness were performed for over 115 strangers. The project gained international acclaim, and rocketed Tyler into the spotlight. In 2010 Tyler gave his first of three TEDx talks. His experience includes keynoting conferences, speaking to schools, and giving guest lectures at universities. Tyler has seen first hand the depths of undiscovered potential that exists when we allow our suffering to inform our compassion.


Tyler has been featured on the BBC as well as other radio shows, has given several TEDx talks, and been featured on the cover of the Readers Digest's "Best of America" edition. He has done countless interviews with local papers, talk radio programs, podcasts, and blogs. His core driving force is the cultivation of joy, compassion, and empathy.

Many of these interviews can be viewed on the Media Spots page.

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